Embodiment Class

4 classes – Embodiment of the Realization Process Meditation Class

Classes are 90 minutes long.

DATE:  inquire by email or phone

PRICE:  $160/4 classes

LOCATION: Veronika Gold ICP, 582 Market Street, suite 1008, SF, CA 94104

In this class I teach Realization Process practices of inhabiting the internal space of the body, which may facilitate the awakening to the fundamental consciousness.

By attuning to our body, we are more open and responsive to our environment.  We can deepen contact with ourselves, increase feelings of self-possession and self-confidence, support healing of physical injuries, refine our sense of touch, and cultivate the essential qualities of our being, such as love, understanding, power and sexuality.  By deepening the contact with the internal space of the body, we can participate in life more deeply.

Please contact me if you have further questions about this class. To register call 415-255-2553 or email info@veronikagold.com

Veronika Gold MA
California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist